Sp 2021 2026 02

Strategic Planning Implementation Team: Goal Strategy Champions

Goal One: Innovative Education

1.1 Alexa Tyler and Melissa Esser

1.2 Taylor Epp and Steve Carey

1.3 Annette O’Connor and Karen Perry

1.4 Àngel Abuelo and Courtney Chapin/Kat Kutil

Goal Two: Transformative Research

2.1 Adam Moeser and Vilma Yuzbasiyan-Gurkan

2.2 Linda Mansfield and Sri Sreevatsan

2.3 Peggy Petroff and Claire Hankenson

2.4 Rick Neubig and Loïc Déjardin

2.5 Emily Lenhard and Jack Harkema

Goal Three: Service Destination

3.1 Chris Pirie and Amy Munsterman

3.2 VMC and VDL directors

3.3 VMC and VDL directors

3.4 John Buchweitz and Pam Ruegg

3.5 Keith Hayes and Ronda Decker

Goal Four: Outstanding, Diverse Talent

4.1 Leanne Kroll and Kristen Lare

4.2 Eric Langdon and Assistant Manager of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

4.3 Paul Edwards and Susan Ewart

Goal Five: Healthy Community

5.1 Hilda Mejia Abreu and Alyssa Robbins

5.2 Kurt Williams and Gary Foltz

5.3 Chuck Folino and Megan Spedoske

Goal Six: Performance Optimization

6.1 Tim Stedman and Keith Hayes

6.2 Kevin Floyd and Annette O’Connor