Here in the Dean’s Update, I will share the most recent news at the College and our most pressing priorities. I want to let you know what is important to us, and I want to hear your feedback. Thank you for your interest, time, and support. We could not do all we do without your involvement.

Here are a few quick updates on College activity:

Our site visit was October 13-17. Our last accreditation was in 2012, so this was our chance to show the improvements we’ve put in place. We appreciated the support and insight of our alumni throughout the accreditation process. Thank you to the members of our Alumni Accreditation Committee for volunteering your time to stay updated on the college and meet with the AVMA site visit team:

  • Dr. Jeff Adams
  • Dr. Lynda Ashford-Scales
  • Dr. Michelle Clancy
  • Dr. Kelsey DeLand
  • Dr. Kurt Dunckel
  • Dr. Richard Siegle
  • Dr. Stephen Steep
  • Dr. Alexander Strauch
  • Dr. Philip VanVranken
  • Dr. Robert Vlietstra

Reinvented Curriculum
This fall marks the second year of our new curriculum. Students in the new program study integrated systems, such as cardiovascular or musculoskeletal, rather than specific subjects like anatomy or immunology. First-year students focus on understanding and learning normal systems. Second-year students learn to identify abnormalities in those systems.

Mentor Program/Multiple-Mini-Interviews
This fall, we kicked off our new House Mentorship Program. Thanks to more than 50 alumni and friends, DVM and vet tech students have another resource to draw from as they move through their coursework. Each volunteer mentor was matched with five or six students from one of the four CVM “houses.” This program has been designed to allow students and volunteers the freedom to connect in whatever manner serves them best.

Thank you again for your support in our mission to Learn, Discover, Heal, and Protect. Watch for our next newsletter, which will feature content from Perspectives Magazine.

Birgit Puschner
Dean, MSU College of Veterinary Medicine

Thank you for joining me at our Dean’s Welcome Receptions across Michigan this summer!

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