May 05, 2021 4:31 PM

ATTENTION, PLEASE SHARE WIDELY: beginning Wednesday, May 5, the MSU Small Animal Emergency Service will only be able to admit patients that our clinicians consider unstable or to have a life-threatening condition. Please visit the Hospital's website for more information:

The health of our clients, their animals, and our team remains the MSU Veterinary Medical Center's top priority.

June 22, 2020: as of June 29, MSU's Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care Medicine (ECCM) operations have modified:

All walk-in patients will be evaluated. Life-threatening cases will be admitted. Cases evaluated as stable will be referred to the client’s primary care veterinarian, other facilities, or other services within the MSU Hospital, if possible. Monday–Friday, from 8:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m., the ECCM Service will operate as a “referral only” service. However, walk-in patients with critical illness or immediately life-threatening problems will always receive care. Referring veterinarians should call 517-353-5420 prior to sending any patients to MSU. View the Hospital's full web page for more detailed information.

In the event we are unable to treat your animal, or you call and are unable to reach us, please refer to this list of recommended veterinary hospitals.

June 1, 2020:

MSU College of Veterinary Medicine leadership has a working reopening plan designed to best support our clinical teams as they continue to serve our patients. This plan hinges on federal, state, and MSU COVID-19 guidelines, as well as the continued hard work and heroism of our clinical teams. More details regarding this plan will be posted as soon as possible.

May 22, 2020:

While regular veterinary services have been permitted to reopen statewide beginning May 29, the MSU Veterinary Medical Center will maintain its current level of operations in order to best protect its clinical staff, patients, and clientele. This means the Hospital will continue to see only emergency and critical care patients at this time. In coming weeks, Hospital administrators will begin implementing a plan to gradually reopen the Hospital to allow for specialty service visits.

March 15, 2020:

Because of the growing number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in our state, coupled with the K-12 school closings, the MSU College of Veterinary Medicine has made the decision to close the Veterinary Medical Center to all non-emergency appointments until further notice. This change will become effective Sunday, March 15 at 11:59 p.m.

The VMC will manage client communications in consultation with the Hospital services. Each service will review appointment lists to determine which cases are emergent. All existing deemed non-emergent appointments after Sunday, March 15 will be postponed and rescheduled when we are able to resume full operation.

The VMC is taking all necessary precautions to keep every human and animal in our community safe during this time. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at (517) 353-5420.