species pocket pets

If your pocket pet needs to be seen for an emergency, please call the MSU Small Animal Clinic prior to bringing them in to make sure our Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care Medicine Service can care for your animal.

Fuzzy and small, we treat them all! Pocket pets are welcome at the MSU Veterinary Medical Center. Our specialty services are ready to care for your small mammal, including sugar gliders, hedgehogs, mice, rats, hamsters, rabbits, ferrets, and guinea pigs.

Our goal at the MSU Veterinary Medical Center is to make sure all pets get the best care possible. Oftentimes, we can provide that care, especially for cats and dogs, right here at the Hospital. Sometimes, due to lack of expertise or appropriate infrastructure, we are unable to see certain pets (for example: reptiles, turtles, and chinchillas). In those situations, we would recommend that you contact Animal Emergency Center in Novi, MI (out of hours) at (248) 348-1788 or Williamston Animal Clinic (in hours) (517) 655-2137. We apologize for the inconvenience, but again, our goal is to facilitate the best care possible for your unique pet. While difficult to discuss, if you are seeking euthanasia services, we are able to provide that service on an emergency basis.