Please be sure that your pet does not have any food after midnight the night before the appointment. Animals need to fast prior to the appointment because anesthesia may be required for examination, diagnosis, and/or treatment. You may provide water and any medication your pet normally takes in the evening and/or morning before the appointment.

Bring any recent blood work and radiographs (x-rays) with you to the appointment. This is preferable to having it sent by fax or mail. If anesthesia is administered during the appointment, it is very helpful for the Neurology Team to have current blood work to ensure that your pet is healthy enough to receive anesthesia.

The neurologist or veterinary technician will discuss the length of stay with you during your appointment. Neurology diagnostic work-ups can be lengthy and you may choose to leave your pet at the VMC for these procedures. If the work-up requires general anesthesia, pets may be able to be discharged at the end of the appointment day or may require an overnight stay in the hospital.