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meridian Better Reporting Menagerie of Reporting guidelines Involving Animals

Below is a list of reporting guidelines for animal studies. This list includes guidelines for biomedical animals, companion animals, and food product animals.

NIH Principles and Guidelines for Reporting Preclinical Research

A Gold Standard Publication Checklist to Improve the Quality of Animal Studies, to Fully Integrate the Three Rs, and to Make Systematic Reviews More Feasible

Checklist for One Health Epidemiological Reporting of Evidence (COHERE)

A systematic review of systematic reviews and meta-analyses of animal experiments with guidelines for reporting

Guidelines for Preclinical Models

Improving research practice in rat orthotopic and partial orthotopic liver transplantation: a review, recommendation, and publication guide

The IMPROVE Guidelines (Ischaemia Models: Procedural Refinements Of in Vivo Experiments)

Quality of methods reporting in animal models of colitis

A call for transparent reporting to optimize the predictive value of preclinical research

A protocol format for the preparation, registration and publication of systematic reviews of animal intervention studies

Guidelines for assessment of bone microstructure in rodents using micro-computed tomography

Other Guidelines

Systematic reviews and meta-analysis of preclinical studies: why perform them and how to appraise them critically

Writing for Publication in Veterinary Medicine. A Practical Guide for Researchers and Clinicians

Collaborative Approach to Meta Analysis and Review of Animal Data from Experimental Studies (CAMARADES)

Proposed definitions and criteria for reporting time frame, outcome, and complications for clinical orthopedic studies in veterinary medicine

Recommended guidelines for the conduct and evaluation of prognostic studies in veterinary oncology

Update of the stroke therapy academic industry roundtable preclinical recommendations

Good laboratory practice: preventing introduction of bias at the bench

A gold standard publication checklist to improve the quality of animal studies, to fully integrate the Three Rs, and to make systematic reviews more feasible

Utstein-style guidelines for uniform reporting of laboratory CPR research

Establishing a knowledge trail from molecular experiments to clinical trials