The facilities for the Meadow Brook Laboratory consist of approximately 2000 square feet in five separate laboratories in the Veterinary Medical Center. These research units are equipped for studies in molecular biology, immunology, bacteriology, tissue culture, light microscopy, and biochemistry.

Tissue Culture Facilities

This laboratory contains a dedicated tissue culture area for reagent preparation, cell isolation and cell propagation. Our group is proficient at the isolation of various leukocyte populations from tissues and blood for immunological studies. The laboratory also has been successful at isolating vascular endothelial cells from several tissue locations including the aorta and mammary gland to study mechanisms of host inflammatory responses.

Microscopy Facilities

This laboratory adjoins the Tissue Culture Facilities and serves as a dedicated work space for the microscopic examination and analyses and cells and tissues.

Bacteriology Facilities

This laboratory is used for bacteriological analyses of milk samples, plasmid preparations, and any other procedures involving bacteria or bacterial components. A portion of this laboratory also is used for Western blots and general protein analyses. Equipment located in the microbiology facilities.

Protein Analyses and Imaging Facilities

This laboratory is used for gel electrophoresis, image acquisition and analyses, solid phase extraction, and various protein-based microplate applications.

Molecular Biology Facilities

This laboratory has a dedicated area for PCR procedures and gene analyses. The other portion of this laboratory is used for radioisotope experiments and is fitted with a vented TLC bench for eicosanoid analyses.

University Core Facilities

Additional research resources available to Michigan State University faculty include a comprehenisvie Genomics Technology Support Facility that includes four interconnected core facilities: the Genomics Core, Proteomics Core, Bioinformatics Core and the Macromolecular Core. The campus also supports a core Flow Cytometry Facilty and a Mass Spectrometry Facility. The link to analytical core facilities is: