The MSU-AAHL is a working group of aquatic animal health specialists that includes a principal investigator, laboratory manager, research technologist, post-doctoral scholars, PhD students, Sojourns scholars, master's students, undergraduate laboratory researchers, and support staff, who all work in collaboration with other University researchers.


Img 5606B Tom Loch
Thomas P. Loch, principal investigator
Img 5636B Michelle Gunn Van Deuren
Michelle Gunn Van Deuren, laboratory manager

Post-doctoral scholars and residents

Img 5615B Eileen Henderson
Eileen Henderson
Img 5632B Megan Shavalier
Megan Shavalier

Graduate students

Img 5620B Chris Knupp
Christopher Knupp, PhD student
Courtney Harrison
Courtney Harrison, master's student
Img 5612B Amber Johnston
Amber Johnston, master's student

Undergraduate laboratory assistants

Img 5622B Sean Burke
Sean Burke
Img 5617B Jerrica Story
Jerrica Story

Professor Emeritus

Dr Faisal Blueshirt For Web
Mohamed Faisal