List of opportunities for summer projects in Lab Animal Medicine

The following is a list of 10-12 week summer programs in Lab Animal Medicine. All of the positions offer a stipend. Most have an early February application date, please consult the websites for application details.

The activities in these programs will include practice of clinical medicine in a research environment, diagnostic and research pathology of laboratory animals, surgery, animal colony management, working closely with laboratory animal veterinarians and residents, participation in journal clubs, seminars and management teams, regulatory oversight of animals used in research, laboratory animal medicine research and a number of other exciting endeavors.

Colorado State University

Program Director: Dr. Sue VandeWoude

University of Illinois-Chicago

Program Director: Dr. Jeff Fortman

Visit: UofI Chicago

University of Michigan

Program Director: Dr. Portia Allen

Visit: Animal Care at UMich

University of Missouri

Program Director: Dr. Craig Franklin