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No Ear Canal? No Problem: Spartan Surgeons Straighten Out Young Dog’s Ear May 14, 2024

Otto, a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, visited the MSU Veterinary Medical Center when his primary veterinarian realized he lacked an ear canal.

Dogs, Frogs, and Worms—Oh My! MSU Clinicians Treat Giant Kidney Worms in Black Lab By Kelsie Donaldson on March 12, 2024

While frog legs are often considered a delicacy of French cuisine for humans, they can pose a danger to our canine friends, specifically when they are consumed raw.

‘We Can Fix This:’ MSU Heals Dog from Gunshot Wounds November 13, 2023

When Huck sustained two gunshot wounds, he was taken to the MSU Veterinary Medical Center, where orthopedic surgeons got to work saving his leg.

‘A Little Prince:’ Surgical Implants Help Colt Recover from Leg Fracture October 25, 2023

Thanks to advancements in equine orthopedic surgery, fractures that once would have been considered end-of-the-road are not always so dire. Here’s how Spartan veterinarians helped Percy return to full function after a broken leg.

That Doesn’t Go There: Fixing a Spaniel’s Severe Hernia May 02, 2023

When a young dog was found to have an unusual form of hernia, Spartan veterinary professionals got to work sorting him out.

Little Panda, Big Heart: MSU Cardiologists Assist Red Panda from Potawatomi Zoo March 31, 2023

Raya is a young red panda who lives at Potawatomi Zoo in South Bend, Indiana. At only a year and a half of age, Raya has overcome numerous health challenges thanks to the dedication of her caretakers and medical team—including some a state away in Michigan.

German Shepherd Puppy Receives Fracture Repair After Playtime Accident January 12, 2023

After playtime went awry for Max, an 8-week-old German Shepherd, Spartan surgeons helped him bounce back from his broken limb.

Meet Kyia September 28, 2022
From a Rouby to a Pearl, Newborn Colt Defies the Odds September 09, 2022

Equine dystocia, or difficulty birthing a foal, is not uncommon, but always urgent. After Rouby, an 18-year-old Oldenburg mare, was in labor for more than three hours, and two weeks late on delivery, her owner Valerie knew quick action was needed to save her beloved mare and her unborn foal.

Sadie, the Great Pyrenees, Celebrates 100 Visits with MSU’s Rehabilitation Service August 15, 2022

Sadie became a Spartan at a young age: at just 10 months old, Sadie was presented to the MSU Rehabilitation Service due to the concern of right hind limb lameness.

'Overjoyed:' Spartans Give Man’s Best Friend the Gift of More Time July 07, 2022

When asked what Ron loves most about Annie, he comments: her special spirit. When asked how he feels about getting more time with her, he responds: overjoyed.

The First of His Kind: MSU Surgeons Repair Kitten’s Fracture with Patented Surgical Nail May 20, 2022

Otis is the first cat ever to have an I-Loc 4mm interlocking nail placed in their humerus.