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Actions Speak Louder: Being a Good Pet Owner June 06, 2016

Celebrate Pet Appreciation Week by being the best pet owner possible. 

Pet First Aid Kit May 26, 2016 As a pet owner, you should make sure you have basic pet first aid supplies in your home. Are you prepared in case of an emergency for your four-legged friend?
Life and Death: Food Safety Culture May 18, 2016 The threats posed by foodborne pathogens are real and so is the commitment of leaders among the food production system to the safety of their customers.
Pet Eye Health May 06, 2016

The MSU Veterinary Medical Center's Comparative Ophthalmology Service wants to remind all pet owners about the importance of eye health and safety. Follow these tips to keep your pet's eyes healthy. 

Pet Allergies: Dust, Food, Fleas–or Something Else? May 05, 2016

Follow these tips from the MSU Veterinary Medical Center's Dermatology Service to help manage your pet's allergies. 

5 Ways to Monitor Your Pet’s Dental Health February 16, 2016

Did you know: dental (periodontal) disease is the most common clinical condition in cats and dogs. Check out our five fast tips to monitor your pet’s dental health. 

Keep your pet safe from lead February 09, 2016

Lead poisoning is a potentially serious condition that calls for veterinary attention.

Keeping Your Pet Safe on Thanksgiving November 23, 2015

Ready to chow down? Be sure to follow these tips to keep your pets safe and have a healthy, happy holiday.