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Rare Quad Lambs at Pingree March 24, 2016

Detroit students learn firsthand about animal husbandry at Pingree Farms when they help care for quadruplet lambs.

Aqua Cow: Ember Recovers From Stressful Birth March 07, 2016

After some time in the Aqua Cow, Ember Olmo, a 9-year-old Piedmontese cow, fully recovered from a tumultuous birth.

Helping Miss Piggy March 01, 2016

Our Large Animal Clinic, Orthopedic Surgery Service, and Rehabilitation Service all teamed up to help Penelope the pig recover from a fracture. 

Fender the Horse in E.R. November 02, 2015

Fender and his kidneys are doing much better after a visit to the MSU Veterinary Medical Center.

Successful Treatment of Acute-on-Chronic Renal Failure in a Horse By Lisa Tadros on October 01, 2015

A 13-year-old Holsteiner gelding named Fender presented to the Large Animal Internal Medicine service at the MSU Veterinary Medical Center for evaluation of apparent abdominal discomfort and agitation.

Saving Mirage the Camel September 02, 2015
Emergency treatment and deworming of dehydrated camel July 01, 2015

Mirage presented to Drs. Vanessa Cook and Jamie Kopper at the Large Animal Emergency Service. Upon arrival, she was recumbent and minimally responsive in the trailer and had to be moved into the hospital while simultaneously instituting emergency diagnostic and stabilization measures.