My experience at Clarke Equine Wellness and Performance was a busy one. From the moment I arrived we were in the truck from dawn till dusk seeing a variety of cases. Dr. Rode prefers reproduction and general wellness. We spend a good amount of time at breeding farms checking mares and the remainder of our time doing general wellness and emergency calls (a lot of colic's and foot abscesses).

The clinic is right outside of Dr. Rode's house (where I stayed) and due to this I was able to help foal out a mare and care for several sick foals. In the three months that I was there we had three or four sick foals in the clinic that required multiple nights of overnight care (not referral hospital level but close). Unfortunately, we had a mare we foaled out pass away from colic about a month after foaling, so I was also able to help with establishing a foal on a nurse mare (the AAEP protocol works great!).

As far as outside of work (there wasn't a ton of time outside of work), I was able to go visit some family friends on a few weekends and I went hiking one day. The Appalachian Trail is about 20-30 minutes from the clinic. I also went to the track to watch the races one evening and visited the caverns.