students learning

Because even the brightest students sometimes need additional support for learning, the College offers a free group tutoring program that is available to students who are struggling in courses. The tutors are DVM students who have excelled in the courses in which they are tutoring. Tutors are paid for the tutoring preparation and sessions and are expected to work with their tutoring group to schedule tutoring meetings.

The College's tutoring program is optional and invitations to join a tutoring group are sent by the College's Office of Academic Programs and Student Success after each exam. Students are eligible to join the College's tutoring program for courses in which they earn below a 2.0 on an exam. The program generally provides up to two hours per week of group tutoring sessions.

Students who would like individual tutoring or who do not qualify for the tutoring program but are interested in tutoring will need to arrange for private tutoring at their own expense. Students who want help finding a private tutor should to talk with their course moderators for recommendations, as well as contact senior students to see if there are students who are interested in being a private tutor.

Questions about the tutoring program should be directed to Dr. Grabill