Hello, CVM Alumni and Friends-

We’ve had an exciting few months since our previous issue of INSIGHTS was published! In May, the College hosted the CVM Awards, which included honoring four alumni and two honorary alumni with Distinguished Alumni Awards. I had a great time celebrating all of the award recipients that day, and I am so proud of the way our alumni are furthering the College’s mission with their dedication and passion. Additionally, I was able to chat with many more alums, friends, mentors, and supporters of the College at MSU’s AVMA reception; the Robert Leader Alumni, Faculty, and Staff Reception; and the CVM Homecoming Tailgate. All three of these were fantastic events, and I’m so glad I got the chance to interact with so many outstanding members of the CVM community.

This past July, I attended the CASE Summer Institute in Alumni Relations. This conference provided me with the opportunity to learn from experienced faculty leaders about best practices, innovative strategies, and the ever-changing landscape of alumni engagement. I attended sessions that addressed digital engagement, affinity programing, hosting meaningful events, and more. It was inspiring to see the creative ways that other institutions are engaging with their communities, and I can’t wait to try out some new ideas in the coming months.

As we approach the holiday season, I want to thank every one of you who gave in support of our College this year. Whether you’ve donated resources, volunteered your time, or simply offered advice to current students, you’ve had a meaningful impact on the College. I am grateful for the generous community that surrounds the College of Veterinary Medicine and for the role that you play in the success of our institution.

With all this in mind, I encourage you to reach out with any questions or feedback you might have. If you are interested in learning more about ways to support the College, have a suggestion for a future event, or simply want to introduce yourself, my door is always open. Your ideas and insight (no pun intended!) help me create opportunities, strategies, and communication tools that are useful and relevant to CVM alumni.

I hope the stories in this issue of INSIGHTS give you a glimpse into the many ways that Spartans are working to Learn, Discover, Heal, and Protect all around the world.

Go Green!

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Kelsie Donaldson
Communications and
Alums Relations Specialist

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