Biological Substance, Category B Packaging​


Open the box and remove the Specimen Packet and the UPS overpack and billable stamp.

Take the contents out of the Specimen Packet:

1 – Small Biohazard Bag

1 – Larger Pressurized Bags

2 – Absorbent pads

1 – 6” x 12” piece of Bubble Wrap

1 – 1” x 3” long piece of tape


    1. Use the 6” x 12” of bubble wrap to wrap the filled containers.
    2. Use the tape to secure the wrapped containers inside the bubble wrap.
    3. Place the wrapped containers into the small biohazard bag without the absorbent sheets.
    4. Bleed as much air out of the filled biohazard bag as possible. Pull off the white strip at the bag opening and seal the bag shut. The sealing instructions are printed on the bag.
    5. Place this filled biohazard bag into the second larger pressurized bag having the 2 absorbent sheets inside.
    6. Bleed as much air out of the larger pressurized bag and seal the bag closed, just as in Step #4.
    7. Place the double-bagged specimens into the insulated box along with your ice packs and close the box flap.
    8. Insert the box into the UPS overpack and place the shipping label from the billable stamp on the overpak. Retain your half of the stamp as it includes your UPS tracking number. Space is provided on that receipt for you to make notes for your records if you wish.
    9. Give your package to any UPS driver making a delivery or already scheduled pick-up. You can actually give it to any driver—next door, across the street, anywhere! You can also drop it off at any UPS location. Search for the site closest to you here: We recommend using a staffed facility rather than a drop-box. You may also schedule a pick up by calling UPS at 800.823.7459. There is no charge to MSU VDL clients for scheduled pick-up. To schedule your pick-up:
    • Provide shipper number V33195.
    • Stay on the line for the Preferred Customer Team. When your call is answered, state that:
      • You are returning a shipment to the MSU VDL and would like to schedule a pick-up from an alternate location.
      • You have air shipping documents and the tracking number.
      • The MSU VDL will be paying for the pick-up fees.
    • Provide additional information requested, such as package weight and pick-up information (address, contact) for your package as well as the time it will be ready. Same day pick-up times vary by location—it’s best to plan ahead and call early.