Information on CWD Testing for Michigan Hunters


A submittal form should accompany each submission.


While clients can ship specimens in their own containers, the MSU VDL is happy to provide mailers for shipping specimens. The MSU VDL sells postage pre-paid, first-class mailers for the U.S. Postal Service. We also sell pre-paid mailers for UPS with guaranteed overnight delivery. Clients using pre-paid UPS service are not charged additional shipping by UPS. For clients who prefer to use FedEx, we offer a FedEx billable stamp for overnight delivery Monday-Friday.

Order mailing supplies is easy! Call us at 517.353.1683, submit a Product Order Form by fax at 517.353.4426, or complete the SUPPLIES section on any MSU VDL submittal form.

Not just any box will do. See our Shipping Requirements for Submitting Specimens for more information.

Please note: When reusing boxes that have been used for other shipments, it is essential that ALL prior labels are removed or covered. As package sorting becomes more automated, any stray labels or marks (on any of the six sides!) can cause packages to be routed inappropriately. This causes violations for the delivery service provider and results in fines against the MSU VDL. Delivery services can end contracts with clients who have repeated violations.


Specimen and packaging requirements differ depending on the nature of the test ordered. For a list of packaging and shipping guidelines, please refer to our catalog of available tests or contact us at 517.353.1683.

Packaging specimens (with minimal likelihood that pathogens are present OR for diagnosis of an infectious disease) requires sufficient inner AND outer packaging. See our Shipping Requirements for Submitting Specimens for more information.


Submittals via U.S. Postal Service: MSU VDL, PO Box 30076, Lansing, MI 48909-7576

Submittals via all other carriers: MSU VDL, 4125 Beaumont Road, Lansing, MI 48910-8104

The following MSU VDL shipping solutions come with instructions on appropriate packaging and shipping of your sample:


If using MSU VDL pre-paid UPS mailers, retain your half of the billable stamp as it includes your UPS tracking number. Space is provided on that receipt for you to make notes for your records if you wish.

If you would like to confirm receipt of your specimens, call us at 517.353.1683. Alternatively, you can sign up for MSU VDL WebView and view your test request status online.

We realize that there are times when you might need to ask us to cancel a test that has been requested. Please contact the general laboratory number at 517.353.1683. If a test is already in progress, it may be necessary to apply charges for that test to your account.


Please see Reporting Options & Information for more details on methods for receiving laboratory reports and how to make changes if needed.

If you have questions about the results you receive, you are welcome to contact the laboratory regarding your results. Please have the MSU VDL account number, owner's name, date specimens were sent, and test(s) requested available. In the interest of privacy and continuity of care, results will be shared only with the client of record (the clinic or person paying the bill). Monday through Friday, contact us at 517.353.1683 and choose option 1. On Saturdays, call 517.353.2296 for all Microbiology services, 517.353.5275 for Necropsy services, or 517.355.1774 for Clinical Pathology.

All samples and specimens submitted become the property of the MSU VDL and will not be returned unless specific arrangements are made and approved in advance by MSU VDL management. Samples, specimens, and related test and diagnostic results may be used for teaching and research purposes. Test and diagnostic results will be shared with appropriate state or federal agencies as required by law.