Step 1:

Obtain one VersaTREK REDOX 1 EZ Draw 40 ml w/stir bar (Purple/Aerobic) and one VersaTREK REDOX 2 EZ Draw 40 ml (Red/Anaerobic) from the Pharmacy.

Step 2:

Label the bottles with patient identifiers (name, medical record number, date and time drawn) – DO NOT BLOCK THE BAR CODE ON THE BOTTLE.

Step 3:

Prepare the venipuncture site as per usual for blood cultures.

Step 4:

Prepare the blood culture bottles by disinfecting the visible part of the rubber stopper with 70% isopropyl or ethyl alcohol and allow to dry. Place in a clean area.

Step 5:

Using a needle and syringe draw a total of 10 mL of patient’s blood (maximum of 5 mL each for one aerobic and one anaerobic bottle). See the Low Volume Distribution Scheme (Step 8) if you cannot obtain 10 mL of blood.

Step 6:

Dispose of the needle in an appropriate sharps container and attach a sterile needle to the syringe.

Step 7:

Transfer the blood obtained from the patient immediately into the prepared bottles under aseptic conditions (half of the amount obtained into each bottle), inserting the needle at a right angle in the center of the rubber septum.

HELPFUL HINT: always inoculate the REDOX 1(Purple/Aerobic) bottle first.

Step 8:

Low Volume Distribution Scheme

If you cannot obtain 10 mL of blood, divide the blood as follows:

● >1 mL: divide equally between both the REDOX 1 (Purple/Aerobic) and REDOX 2 (Red/Anaerobic) bottles

● <1 mL but >0.5 mL: place 0.5 mL in REDOX 1 (Purple/Aerobic) bottle and the remainder in the REDOX 2 (Red/Anaerobic) bottle.

● <0.5 mL: put the entire specimen in the REDOX 1 (Purple/Aerobic) bottle.

Step 9:

Mix contents of each inoculated bottle 4 or 5 times by gentle inversion so the blood is dispersed evenly throughout the medium. NOTE: There is NO venting of the aerobic bottle using this method.

Step 10:

Leave the blood culture bottles AT ROOM TEMP in the After Hours Clin Path lab and place the appropriate paperwork in the designated place.