June 3, 2022 - Due to unplanned equipment downtime, the following nutrition assays are temporarily unavailable. Our staff is actively working with our service provider to resolve the issue. Samples received during this period will be stored appropriately and can be run when the instrument is back in service. We anticipate that clients will receive results by end of day Friday, June 10. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our clients.

Assays impacted:

  • Beta Carotene: Feed (50216); Serum (50217); Other (50215)
  • Vitamin A: Feed (50206); Serum (50208); Tissue (50207); Other (50209)
  • Vitamin E: Feed (50210); Serum (50212); Tissue (50211); Other (50213)
  • Vitamin Profile, Serum (50229)