We recently returned from the exhibit hall at VMX in Orlando, FL and the Michigan Veterinary Conference in Lansing, MI. One of the most common topics we discussed with clients is how to get samples to the laboratory efficiently and economically. Did you know that we have shipping solutions to help you do just that?

For your convenience and savings, we offer package mailers with the option of prepaid postage through UPS (overnight delivery, Monday-Friday) or U.S. Mail (Monday-Saturday, delivery times vary). For clients who prefer to use FedEx, we offer a FedEx billable stamp for overnight delivery Monday-Friday. For those Fridays when a package needs to arrive on Saturday, we have a UPS Saturday delivery option—these Saturday delivery stamps must be ordered by phone. All other shipping solutions may be ordered by phone, fax, or by completing the supplies section on MSU VDL submittal forms.

We have several mailer options, but our insulated mailer with UPS overnight delivery is the most popular, versatile, and complete shipping solution. It can be used with or without ice packs. Our small mailer is the most economical option, but is not suitable for ice packs. We also offer biopsy mailers in two sizes, small (two biopsy jars) and large (four biopsy jars).

Please visit us at animalhealth.msu.edu to access the Product Order Form and for information on how to submit a sample, shipping requirements, shipping solutions, and more.

Insulated Mailer
Small Mailer
Small Biopsy Mailer