A happy dog in the car.  You can see the Veterinary Medical Center in the background.

The MSU Veterinary Medical Center (VMC) is a tremendous resource to the people and animals of Michigan. We offer unparalleled patient care for all animals great and small with more than 20 specialty services to meet all of your animal’s medical needs. While we are well known for our Emergency and Critical Care, the VMC also offers an array of medical specialty services—just like in human medicine. We invite you to look through the services offered here so you can gain an understanding of the breadth of our medical care, how to utilize those services, and how teaching plays a role in the veterinary care we offer at the VMC.

Thank you for choosing the VMC for your animal’s care. We know your animals are members of your family, and, we will treat them as members of our family. While in our care, a senior student will deliver individualized attention to assure consistency and quality of care during their stay.