As a client of the Michigan State University Veterinary Medical Center, you have certain RIGHTS and RESPONSIBILITIES.

Your Rights Are

  1. To expect and receive appropriate treatment for your animal(s) as determined by our capabilities and mission statement.
  2. To be treated with consideration, respect, and compassion by all members of our staff.
  3. To be informed of any illnesses your animal(s) may have, as well as treatment options available at the Hospital.
  4. To be informed of the costs of evaluation and treatment and payment options available.
  5. To accept or reject treatments or diagnostic tests for your animal(s). You are not required to admit your animal to the Hospital or to allow any testing or treatment that you do not approve, and you have the right to be informed of the consequences of refusal of treatment or testing.
  6. To be informed of any clinical trials available for conditions that affect your animal, and to have the opportunity to participate in these programs if your animal meets the criteria for inclusion and you agree to the terms and conditions of the program(s).
  7. To change your mind regarding any treatments or tests you previously consented, to notify us of this change prior to treatments or tests being performed, and to be informed of the consequences of your decisions.
  8. To receive prompt and courteous replies to any concerns you raise regarding the quality of care or service you and your animal(s) receive here.
  9. To be assured that medical and personal information is handled in a confidential manner, and to request copies of medical record information regarding your animal(s).

Your Responsibilities Are

  1. To provide all requested health information about your animal(s).
  2. To read and understand any consent forms and estimates that you sign.
  3. To ask questions of our staff if you do not understand instructions or information they provide.
  4. To accept that we are a teaching hospital, and that your animal will be seen by a team that includes students, veterinary technicians, and veterinarians (faculty, residents, and interns).
  5. To observe the policies and procedures of our facility, including appointment times, visiting and telephone hours, smoking policies, and payment policies; to be considerate of clients whose animals are receiving care here.
  6. To ensure you are not under the influence of alcohol or other substances during your time at the Veterinary Medical Center, and are able to provide consent and make decisions.
  7. To inform us immediately if you change your mind about any tests to which you previously consented.
  8. To accept the financial obligations agreed to when your animal is seen at our facility.
  9. To be involved in your animal(s) condition from diagnosis to treatment; to follow the instructions you received for care of your animal(s) at home.
  10. To advise us if you have any concerns or are dissatisfied in any way.
  11. To treat every member of our staff with respect and consideration.