During the Visit

As a teaching facility, our senior veterinary students are the point of contact and liaison between our clients and clinicians during Hospital appointments. While they are not treating the animals, they are conducting physical exams, and learning how to take a medical history and explain procedures and conditions to clients. Please be aware that this may add to the length of the appointment.

What to Expect

  • Upon arrival, you will be asked to register at the reception desk.
  • A senior veterinary student will bring you to an examination room, where your pet’s history will be taken and a physical examination will be performed.
  • The student will present the case to the veterinarian, who will be taking care of your pet. The veterinarian also will perform a physical examination and review any medical records you provide. 
  • The veterinarian will answer your questions and review possible treatment plans with you while giving his or her recommendations. 
  • If further diagnostics or procedures are recommended, the veterinarian will go over an estimate and consent form so that your pet may be admitted to the Hospital. 
  • While your pet is staying in the Hospital, you will be contacted by a veterinary student with updates via telephone. 

Please allow 1-2 hours for your appointment. If additional tests are required, it may take longer.

Typically, patients are discharged from the Hospital the day after a surgery or procedure, but this varies on a case-by-case basis. Your pet’s veterinarian will be able to.

About Specialized Care

Some specialized forms of care including surgery or minimally invasive procedures can be complex and require the coordinated efforts of half a dozen or more medical professionals. Except for patient emergencies, such procedures must be scheduled and are not typically performed the same day as the initial appointment visit.

When needed, surgery or minimally invasive procedures are scheduled at the end of the first visit. In some cases, animals are hospitalized at the time of the first visit if surgery or a minimally invasive procedure will be done within 24 hours. Non-emergency surgery or special procedures are typically scheduled on Wednesdays or Fridays but will be scheduled at other times if urgent patient need demands.

Patients are typically discharged from the Hospital the day after surgery or a special procedure, but this varies on a case-by-case basis. Some patients might be hospitalized if their condition is severe and requires intensive medical care for initial stabilization. If we recommend hospitalization, we will describe the need for it, what is to be done, and provide our best estimate of the costs and risks for the first 24 hours of hospitalized care.

Owners are contacted at least once daily for all hospitalized patients to provide updates on patient status and planned care, including updated cost estimates.

After the Visit

  • You will receive a written summary of our findings and treatment recommendations. This will be provided when you leave our hospital or within 24 hours through email.
  • We will send a letter to your primary care veterinarian explaining our findings and recommendations, the role they should play in continuing care, and the need for any recheck examinations at their clinic and/or at MSU.
  • If necessary, follow up evaluations will be scheduled. Follow up evaluations last approximately one hour.