During a patient's first visit, your family should plan to bring any x-rays or test results that their primary care veterinarian has completed. The patient's history will also be requested from the veterinarian's office. However, x-rays cannot always be sent digitally.

After being greeted by the client service team, a student or technician will accompany you and your pet to a room to learn about the history related to the current condition and to collect vital signs for your pet. This information will be relayed to the doctor, who will then review the information available. The doctor will likely ask you many similar questions to hear your pet's history directly from you and will perform a physical exam. The doctor will discuss diagnostic tests that are indicated and possibly treatment options.

If diagnostic tests are pursued, your pet will accompany our veterinarian to the treatment area for those tests to be completed. Your pet will be supplied with their own kennel or run (depending on their size) along with a bowl of water. All attempts are made to provide quiet, sick, or sensitive pets, such as cats, with as quiet a space as possible.

Testing and treatments are performed with an effort to create as little stress as possible for your pet. All attempts are made to complete any necessary tests the same day as well, and this can lead to an initial evaluation extending throughout the day. Some tests or treatments may need to be arranged in advance. If consultation with other services within the hospital are necessary, these can often be performed the same day as well. At the conclusion of the visit, expect to speak with the doctor to review any results available and make a plan for the future.