Welcome to the Michigan State University Soft Tissue Surgery Service!

Thank you for scheduling an appointment with our Soft Tissue Surgery Service. Please read the information below to know what you can expect for your pet’s upcoming appointment:

Due to COVID-19, the Michigan State University and the Veterinary Medical Center’s policy requires that a mask fully covering both your mouth and nose be worn at all times when in the building. If you do not have one, you will be provided with one at check-in. This measure is in place to ensure your own safety, as well as that of the many other clients, faculty, staff, and students within the Hospital. The health of all allows us to continue to serve you and your pet’s veterinary needs.


  • Please check-in at the North Entrance: this is the entrance for the Small Animal Hospital/ER, located on MSU's Wilson Road.
  • Once you have checked in with our receptionists, a 4th-year veterinary medical student will greet you and bring you and your pet to a consultation room. The student will then take a medical history (what brings you and your pet here today, what has been going on at home, how long has it been going on, what signs have you noticed, what medications is your pet receiving).
  • The 4th year student will then bring your pet to our treatment center where they will be examined by the 4th year medical student, a surgery house officer (surgery intern or resident, someone who has their doctorate of veterinary medicine), and attending faculty surgeon (a board-certified veterinary surgeon). Your pet’s history, exam findings, and disease will then be discussed with the surgery house officer and faculty surgeon.

Note: Please bring all medications and supplements that your pet is currently receiving to the appointment.

Diagnostic Imaging/Testing

  • Following the check-in discussion, the student, house officer, and faculty will come to discuss treatment recommendations and options with you. Prior to any diagnostic tests (imaging, such as x-rays or CT scans, blood work, or urine analysis), a consent form must be signed as some of these imagining procedures are performed under light sedation.


  • Soft Tissue Surgery faculty members (veterinary surgeons) and/or surgical house officers (residents and interns) will perform all surgeries, with the assistance of 4th-year veterinary medical students, alongside a team of skilled veterinary nurses, also known as Licensed Veterinary Technicians.
  • All anesthesia is performed under the supervision of a board-certified veterinary anesthesiologist.
  • If your pet is admitted to the Hospital for surgery, the surgery house officer or surgeon will discuss risks and potential complications associated with your pet’s disease and surgery.


  • It is possible if we are waiting for results for diagnostic tests, or if you have scheduling conflicts, that your pet will be discharged (sent home with you), and you will be contacted by our Soft Tissue Surgery Co-ordinator to schedule a drop-off for surgery at a later date.

*Please be advised that we cannot guarantee same-day or next-day surgery following your appointment.


  • We will keep your primary care veterinarian updated as much as possible while your pet is in the Hospital. This includes a notification that your pet is in the hospital when they are admitted for surgery as well as receiving a copy of your pet’s dismissal form when they go home.


  • If your pet requires immediate attention after-hours or on weekends, our Emergency Service is open 24/7/365. The Emergency and Critical Care Service will evaluate your pet if ever needed.