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Contact: To schedule an appointment, call the East Wing front desk staff at 517-432-4700. Questions? Email vetrehab@cvm.msu.edu.

All rehabilitation patients: Please enter through the East Wing for your appointment with the Rehabilitation team. When facing the Small Animal Clinic, the East Wing entrance is to the left, facing the soccer field. Follow the parking lot around the building to park at the East Entrance doors. This entrance is much closer to the Dr. Elwood and Linda Collins Rehab Center and consultation offices, which is especially important for pets with mobility issues.

Before all appointments: No fasting is required. Pets should continue a normal diet, including any and all prescribed medications, unless otherwise directed.

New patient evaluations: For your first appointment, be sure to bring all pertinent medical records, including x-rays and other radiographs. These also may be emailed ahead of time to vetrehab@cvm.msu.edu.

First appointment: The Rehabilitation Service’s goal is to identify a tailored treatment plan that will be of the most benefit for your individual pet. You can expect your first appointment to last up to one-and-a-half hours. A veterinary student will meet with you to discuss your pet’s history and perform a physical evaluation. Then, the student will meet with Dr. Sarah Shull to discuss their findings.

Then, Dr. Shull will meet with you and your pet to complete the consultation, discuss a treatment plan, costs, and rehabilitation modalities. Dr. Shull also will help you schedule your next appointment to begin your pet’s rehabilitation.

Typical treatment plans: Most patients have rehabilitation appointments between one and three times per week, Monday through Friday. These appointments are scheduled directly with the Rehabilitation team, not the front desk staff.

Acupuncture, laser therapy, and wheelchair fittings: If you are interested in acupuncture or laser therapy for your pet, or if you believe your pet needs to be fitted for a wheelchair, please schedule a new patient appointment with the front desk staff by calling 517-432-4700. If you’re being referred to the MSU Rehabilitation Service by your primary veterinarian, please email vetrehab@cvm.msu.edu to set up your first appointment.