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Linear Accelerator

The Radiation Oncology Service uses a Varian Trilogy treatment system. With this system, the Veterinary Medical Center can offer stereotactic radiation (SRT/SBRT) in addition to IMRT, 3D-CRT, and clinical treatment plans, along with state-of-the art, image-guided radiation therapy, and RapidArc therapy.

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Dr. Magestro using the strontium applicator on Alex the parrot.

Strontium Applicator

This technology was originally developed for humans with superficial cancers of the eye. The technology uses a very small radioactive metal that is applied directly to the skin. This method can be effective against small, superficial cancers that are most commonly seen in cats, horses, and exotic pets. The radiation oncologist will evaluate any potential candidates to determine if Strontium plesiotherapy is a good option for each animal.