Contact your veterinarian when your mare seems to be approaching labor. You may notice the following signs:

  • Filling of the udder (two-to-four weeks)
  • Relaxation of the vulva
  • Distension of teats (four-to-six days)
  • Waxing of teats (one-to-four days)
  • Dripping milk (if your mare is dripping excessive amounts of milk, call your veterinarian to check if it is colostrum that needs to be frozen and saved for the foal)
  • Changes in behavior: restlessness, pacing, frequent urination, lying down and getting up, kicking
  • Increase in milk calcium
  • Visible changes in abdominal shape
  • Softening of muscles in the coup

Behavioral changes signal the first stage of labor. If this continues for more than two hours with no progress, contact your veterinarian, as colic may be occurring. Other signs of labor include: