The human-animal bond can sometimes make difficult, but necessary, decisions a challenge. When it comes to welfare, choosing to end your horse’s life for humane or other reasons may be the hardest decision you’ll have to make, but sometimes it also is the responsible thing to do.

A painless death for humane reasons, or euthanization, needs to be considered by you with your veterinarian. Each situation is unique. It is important to make the choice based on what is best for the horse.

Euthanasia may be the correct choice for one of these common situations:

  • Dangerous behavioral characteristics
  • Debilitation
  • Financial burden of caring for a sick horse
  • Incurable and transmissible disease
  • Inoperable colic
  • Progressive and incurable disease
  • Severe and chronic lameness
  • Severe birth defects
  • Traumatic injury