Due to the nature of owning a horse, insurance is often a prudent idea. Finding the company and policy that is right for you and your horse can sometimes be a challenge.

When considering an insurance policy, be sure you read and understand the entire contract. Your insurance representative can explain any contractual elements that you don’t fully understand. Pay special attention to your responsibilities—for example, which actions you need to take, should your horse fall ill, become injured, require medical or surgical treatment, or pass away. Consider which types of coverage you may be interested in, such as:

  • Breeding infertility
  • Loss of use
  • Major medical
  • Mortality
  • Specified perils
  • Surgical

While your veterinarian may need to provide a health certificate for your horse’s insurance or periodically provide other medical documents, it is important that all insurance or value-related questions are discussed and verified with your insurance provider.