Arrival: Please enter the main office. During hot weather, please let us know right away when you arrive so your animal can be unloaded quickly. Please see here for a map and directions.

Please note: The Veterinary Medical Center can no longer assist with the loading/unloading of patients. However, if your animal necessitates sedation, please inform a staff member. Note: Sedation requests are administered based on team member availability. Should you experience a short delay, we respectfully ask for your patience and consideration.

Admitting: You will be greeted by the clinician on service and a senior veterinary student. The student and clinician will take your animal’s history and perform a physical exam. They will discuss their findings with the clinician.

Diagnostics: Our team will formulate a diagnostic and treatment plan. Our team will then discuss our findings and recommendations with you. We may advise that your animal be hospitalized to allow for additional testing, monitoring, and in-hospital treatment. If hospitalized, you and your referring veterinarian will receive regular updates regarding your animal's health.

Discharge: You and your primary veterinarian will receive a discharge statement that includes details of our examination, diagnostic findings and treatment. We will also call your veterinarian to discuss our findings in detail.