Pathobiology and Diagnostic Investigation

Upcoming Seminars

The Department of Pathobiology and Diagnostic Investigation is addressing contemporary and emerging issues in human and animal health by advancing knowledge in biomedical sciences, leading the continued development of diagnostic methods that meet ever-evolving needs, and providing exceptional professional training in the diverse and multi-disciplinary fields of pathobiology.

The specific objectives of our department are to:

  • deliver innovative pre-clinical and clinical education that fosters exploration and provides knowledge in the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree Program;
  • develop the next generation of scientists through multi-disciplinary and innovative graduate programs leading to the Doctor of Philosophy Degree in pathology;
  • create an environment where faculty, researchers, and students conduct innovative research that generates new knowledge in pathology; and
  • support the mission of Michigan State University and contribute to science and public health by developing new solutions to the world's health challenges and disseminating that knowledge through scholarly and community engagement.

Through the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, the department provides diagnostic services to clients across the nation and is on the cutting-edge of developing new diagnostic tests.