The Office of Research and Graduate Studies advances the College’s educational and research missions by supporting its research capacity and graduate programs.

Our office serves as the hub of support for research and graduate studies in our College. We provide oversight to recruitment, admissions, registration, graduate aid, and curriculum policies and procedures for the College’s graduate degree programs. We work closely with our faculty and the Graduate School to support the success and well-being of our graduate students.

We support researchers across the College by assisting them in identifying internal and external collaborators, funding sources and other resources, preparing and submitting proposals, and providing support for basic, clinical and translational research studies.

Sri Lab

Dr. Srinand Sreevatsan, associate dean of Research and Graduate Studies, has dedicated his scientific career to zoonotic disease investigations at the cellular and molecular level. He is interested in the ecology and molecular evolution of infectious agents and how they are modulated by changes in host and environmental niches. Sreevatsan's research is highly interdisciplinary and encompasses all aspects of cellular, molecular pathogen-host interactions and epidemiology, ecology of infectious disease, and collaborations across the country and the globe.

Over the past 15 years, Sreevatsan's research has taken a turn toward translational science. He has applied basic molecular evolutionary genomics and pathogenesis information to diagnostics and vaccine development. One major focus area has been in applications of high-resolution genomics and proteomics to identify pathogen-specific biomarkers for early detection and tracking of mycobacterial infections in animals and humans. A second area of emphasis is the development of pathogen/receptor specific ligands to enable detection, as well drug targeting. Sreevatsan has developed a pipeline of methods to select and validate DNA aptamers for this purpose.

palazzola dimity

Dimity Palazzola, administrative assistant, provides support to the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, the Comparative Medicine and Integrative Biology graduate program and the College's veterinary scholars programs.

Ruffell Ashley 1602 1 C

Ashley Russell is a research administrator for the Office of Research Facilitation within the College. She provides pre-award professional support to the College’s researchers, including budget and proposal preparation and review. She also liaises with the College's researchers, collaborators, the MSU central grants office, and funding agencies to ensure timely, compliant, and complete proposal submissions. In addition, she helps the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies in coordinating the CVM- Endowed Research Fund competitions.

Tristan Foster, Farm Manager at the Veterinary Research Farm, provides support to faculty researchers, research teams, and the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies.