As a preveterinary student, it is critical that you become involved in University activities. Not only will it help you transition to campus, it will also help build your application for admission to the DVM Program. You should try new things and take advantage of a diverse selection of opportunities.

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Jobs and Internships

The Career Services Network is a resource for on-campus and off-campus jobs, as well as summer internships. Obtaining a part-time job and/or a summer internship is a great way to build your application. Remember, these jobs and internships do not have to be animal or veterinary-related. Regardless of the type of job or internship, it will build your skills, and enhance your application and resume

Center for Service Learning and Civic Engagement

The Center for Service Learning and Civic Engagement is a great resource for becoming engaged in the community. Many of the service opportunities they provide will enhance your application. We encourage you to participate in community service activities. Remember your service experiences do not have to be animal related.

Office of Cultural & Academic Transitions (OCAT)

The Office of Cultural & Academic Transitions (OCAT) constructs supportive cultural, social, and educational communities that actively involve students in learning. OCAT supports individual students in their navigation of cross-cultural encounters, and in their own understanding, exploration, and development of cultural identity. Student-to-student interaction is the key to benefiting from diversity, and OCAT strives to bring together individuals as well as groups of students from diverse racial, ethnic, international, and domestic backgrounds for meaningful interactions. In part, OCAT accomplishes this mission by building critical alliances with peoples, programs, and ideas throughout the university.

Additionally, OCAT helps students to better understand themselves and others through cultural, social, and academic activities. OCAT signature programs and initiatives are: Maximizing Academic Growth in College (MAGIC) summer transition program, Council of Racial Ethnic Students (CORES), Intercultural Aide Program (MRULE/ICA), Latino Student Mentoring Program (LSMP), Dia De La Mujer (DDLM) Latina Leadership & Empowerment Annual Conference and many more!

College of Veterinary Medicine Enrichment Summer Program

The College of Veterinary Medicine Enrichment Summer Program provides academic advancement and career knowledge for undergraduate students interested in veterinary medicine. It focuses on developing well-qualified prospective students from disadvantaged backgrounds and is open to undergraduate students who have selected veterinary medicine as a career choice and plan to apply to veterinary school.

Undergraduate Research

Research is a great way to build your application for admission to the DVM Program. Even if you don’t think you are interested in research, give it a try. You never know if you might like it!

College of Veterinary Medicine’s Summer BRUSH Program

The National Institutes of Health sponsors a Biomedical Research for University for Health Sciences Summer Research Program. The goal of the program is to provide hands-on research exposure and graduate or professional school preparation opportunities for undergraduate students who are from underrepresented populations.


Venture is the undergraduate research database where students may search for undergraduate research opportunities. Remember the research experience does not have to be veterinary or animal related.

Education Abroad

There are over 275 education abroad programs in over 60 countries on all continents. Programs are offered during all semesters, including winter and spring breaks. Education abroad is a great way to develop your application for veterinary school. This experience can be life changing.

MSU Clubs and Organizations

There are over 900 student clubs and organizations at MSU. No matter your interests, you will find one you will want to join. A couple that may be of particular interest are the Preveterinary Medical Association and the Leader Dog Club.

The Preveterinary Medical Association (PVMA) is just one of the clubs that you can join. It provides members with unique animal and veterinary related opportunities to build their application for admission to veterinary school.

The Leader Dog Club provides an opportunity for students to raise puppies for the visually impaired. The club’s mission is to recruit puppy raisers and to support puppy raisers. Leader puppies are permitted to be in classes, restaurants and anywhere else you may go. As a member of the club you can choose to be a puppy sitter, help organize events, or raise your own leader dog puppy.

Don’t limit yourself to just veterinary and animal related clubs and activities. It is important to be well rounded. Take advantage of other clubs and organizations that may interest you.

Recreational Sports and Fitness

Interested in continuing or starting a healthy lifestyle? Then take advantage of MSU’s recreational sports and fitness services. You can be involved in competitive intramural sports, informal drop-in recreation and club sports. Each of the intramural (IM) buildings on campus provide a multitude of services to stay or become fit and healthy. As the old adage says, “sound body/sound mind."