The College provides many opportunities for students to get involved outside the classroom, including tutoring, mentoring, the student advisory council, student organizations and clubs, and the House System.

The House System

Veterinary medical and nursing programs are rigorous, but they can also be fun with the right support. The College's House System was created in 2017 to promote student success and build community within the College.

All veterinary and veterinary nursing students are sorted into one of four houses. In addition, many faculty and staff employees are members of the houses. Within each house, there are opportunities for mentoring, leadership development, and social support. Also, friendly competitions take place throughout the year to add fun and grow college spirit. Just like at Hogwarts, the houses provide a “home” for members of our community.

CVM Connect: Our Mentorship Program

Our online platform, CVM Connect, unifies students, faculty, and alumni by matching each student with a mentor, right at the start of their education. This tool provides a safe place for student mentees to contact alumni and faculty mentors, creating lasting friendships and professional bonds.

On CVM Connect, students can ask questions and have real conversations with veterinary professionals working out in the real world, who can illustrate how classroom learning objectives apply in the field. Mentors can supply in-depth knowledge of many areas of interest throughout the veterinary field. Through the platform's job board, students can find internships and employment opportunities, and the discussion board is always available to throw a question out to the community.

CVM Connect provides tools for mentors wishing to guide students throughout their veterinary medical or nursing education. Just like students, mentors will also be sorted into houses. The platform offers mentors ideas to support students with emotional, social, and career support. CVM Connect aims to strengthen student and mentor relationships and improve the connection between veterinary professionals in the field and students.

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The Houses:


This house is representative of the Musculoskeletal System: patience, perseverance, reliability, hard work, growth, and resilience. The house name comes from “muroonah,” meaning “flexibility” in Arabic and “os,” meaning “bone” in romantic languages.

This house is good for those who believe that good things do not happen overnight, and that achieving one's goals takes time, effort, and tenacity. House members are here for the journey, not the goal. It favors the tough, the dedicated, and those who do not easily give up on anything.

The symbol of Murunos is the Snapping Turtle—known for toughness, perseverance, and adaptability in the face of adversity. The color gold signifies the joy, courage, and energy of its members.


This house is representative of the Immune System: integrity, honesty, humility, clarity, compassion, and justice. The name comes from the words “praisidium,” meaning “defense” in Latin and “himaya,” meaning “protection” in Arabic.

This house is good for those who believe that one should always try to do what is right, no matter the costs. It favors the conscientious, the fair, and those who stick to their principles. It is for the protectors who are good listeners and great team players.

The symbol of Pramaya is the black bear who is a strong and passionate creature who will fight to protect its cubs. The color red signifies the tenacity and vigor of Pramayas.


The house is representative of the Cardiovascular System: passion, enthusiasm, curiosity, courage, boldness, and energy. The name comes from the Latin words “mira,” meaning “wonder” and “cor,” meaning “heart”.

This house is good for those who believe that if they do what they love, everything else will fall into place. It favors the dreamers, the naturally adventurous, the expressive, and the constant optimists.

The symbol of Miracor is the Lynx, an animal that embodies adventure, curiosity, and passion. The color purple signifies the creativity, grandeur, and independence of its members.


This house is representative of the Nervous System: introspection, vision, strong connections, precision, deliberation, diligence, and logic. The name comes from the Latin prefix “omni,” meaning “all” and Swahili “maarifa,” meaning “knowledge”.

This house is good for those who analyze details and believe that a well-trained mind and a sound plan are enough to overcome any obstacle. It favors the focused, the organized, the analytical, and those who carefully consider and research all options before making a decision.

The symbol of Omnimar is the owl, a wise and intuitive creature. The color blue signifies the leadership, wisdom, and loyalty of its members.

Student Organizations

There are many numerous organizations and clubs for students to get involved in at the College, including MSU SAVMA, the Michigan State University Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association, and MSU SCNAVTA, the Michigan State University Chapter of the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America.

A full list of student organizations and clubs can be found at the link below.

Student Organizations