Career Services
Resource Center for Persons With Disabilities

Ever find yourself experiencing significant test anxiety or not having enough time to take an exam? Have you ever thought that you are not able to focus when in the classroom? Are you dyslexic? Do you have a known physical, sensory, cognitive or psychological disability? The RCPD Office can help.

MSU Career Services Network

Are you looking for a student job, a summer internship, or someone to help you develop your resume? Do you need assistance with determining the right parallel plan as you prepare for admission to veterinary school? The Career Services Office is the place to go. They host numerous career fairs for internships and summer jobs as well as provide assistance with developing a resume. Handshake is a great tool for obtaining those internship and summer jobs.

Department of Student Life

Student Life creates opportunities for students to clarify and challenge their values, potentials, roles, and relationships within the University, the greater communities and the global society. Take advantage of the many activities that Student Life has to offer. It is a great way to become involved in the campus community and make lifelong connections.

MSU Counseling Center (CAPS)

Are you experiencing stress, anxiety, homesickness, depression, or any other emotional or personal concerns? If so, CAPS can help you manage what you may be experiencing.

Student Health Services

Illness and injury may impact your academic success; staying healthy and taking care of yourself is important. Student Health Services provides a wide variety of health care services for students. Services include allergy and immunizations, nutritional counseling, physical therapy, transition-related care for transgender students, and numerous other services.

Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay and Transgender Resource Center (LGBTRC)

The LBGT Resource Center works to celebrate, affirm, and empower LGBTQ+ members within the MSU community. They educate, engage, and advocate and support students in order to create an inclusive campus culture for people of all genders and sexual identities. Take advantage of their educational programs and resources.

Neighborhood Fitness Classes and Rooms

Need a mental break from studying? Take advantage of the neighborhood’s fitness classes and cardio fitness rooms. It’s a great way to take a study break and take care of your physical health.

Recreational Sports and Fitness

Do you like sports? MSU’s intramural facilities have many recreational sports to offer.

Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Prevention Program

The Sexual Assault & Relationship Violence Prevention Programworkshop is required for all freshman and first year students. The Bystander Network workshops are required for all sophomore and second year students. You must register for one of the workshops or your semester grades will not be released until the workshop has been completed. Be sure to register during fall semester.