Dedicated to providing the most accurate diagnosis and optimal treatment of muscle disorders in horses

Dr Valberg will be gone Sept 13 to 29th. Samples submitted between Sept 8 and 23 will be read out on Sept 30th.


Information on this site is intended for information purposes for veterinarians to guide in the diagnostic work up of muscle diseases. Owner-diagnosis and owner-treatment of horses is not recommended and may indeed be dangerous. Owners must consult their veterinarian before implementing any of the treatment recommendation described.


  • Online Submission Form. Use this link, fill out the required fields and submit. You will receive a PDF of the completed form to print and submit with the biopsy.
  • If online isn’t working use this PDF
  • Pricing: $300/sample beginning June 1, 2022
  • Shipping information
  • Submitting information
  • Obtain a 1/2-inch cube of semimembranosus or sacrocaudalis (if atrophy)
  • Leave biopsy in air while you suture
  • Optional, cut the biopsy in half across with width of the muscle (not lengthwise) and place in the cassette so the two halves can be sectioned simultaneously.
  • Place in at least 130 mls (4.5 ounces) 10% neutral buffered formalin 3-5 min after you take the biopsy
  • How to take a biopsy
  • Turn around time: By Friday of the week following submission (10-14 days)

Note: We do not perform genetic testing: Please submit to the Veterinary Genetics Lab at UC Davis.