Membership Benefits


  • $100 NAVLE Prep Reimbursement during your third/fourth year (PLUS $100 Reimbursement from the school)
  • Free suture kit (required by the Cutaneous course first semester) when you join both SAVMA and the Michigan Veterinary Medical Association (MVMA)
  • Free lunch and dinner meetings with educational lectures
  • Free day trips
  • Travel grants
  • Externship grants
  • Your membership assists your other clubs in getting grants for labs and lectures
  • Chances to participate in community service, leadership, and professional development = resume builder!
  • If the first-year class has 100% SAVMA membership, SAVMA will donate $500 to their class account

All SAVMA members are eligible for the following benefits:

  • Journal access
    • Free access to all issues of JAVMA and The Vet Gazette
  • Event and Conference Registration
    • Free advance registration to the AVMA Annual Convention
    • Invitation to the annual SAVMA Symposium hosted by a local student chapter – ONLY SAVMA members are able to register!
  • Job Opportunities and Externship locator
    • Access to My Veterinary Life a dedicated microsite for students and recent graduates.
    • Access to the AVMA Veterinary Career Center, which provides job listings that match your resume and allows interested employers to search your resume
  • Financial Health Resources
    • Student resources for helping manage your debt and financing your education
    • Help finding solutions to minimize your debt
  • Full Access to the Member-Only Areas of the AVMA Website
    • Policy area includes the AVMA professional policies, veterinary reference guides, Lit reviews, etc.
    • AVMA Member Edge → exclusive offers, discounts, and other rewards
    • Access to AVMA Axon, an online learning resource
  • SAVMA Awards and Scholarships
    • Apply to numerous monetary awards offered by SAVMA Committees to SAVMA members!
    • This means no application to file and no dues to pay for the remainder of the year upon graduation
    • Two additional years of reduced recent graduate AVMA membership dues
    • One free registration to the AVMA Convention to be used within 5 years following graduation (over $500 value)
    • Access to range of recent grad resources
  • Access to AVMF student benefits
  • Student Insurance Benefits:
      • Complimentary veterinary student professional liability
      • Auto, home, and renters insurance
      • Complimentary student life insurance
      • AVMA VetSTEPP
      • Dental/vision insurance
      • Hospital indemnity insurance
      • Member long-term disability insurance

Please visit to learn more about these benefits!