Lab Photo 2020

Our research focus is at the intersection of blood coagulation and liver toxicity/disease. Our long term goal is to understand the mechanisms linking the coagulation cascade to liver injury and disease, and reciprocally, to define mechanisms whereby liver damage affects coagulation activity.

Within this central theme, the team in the laboratory is exploring the mechanisms linking various components of the hemostatic system, including specific coagulation factors, to acute liver injury and liver repair, hepatic fibrosis, autoimmune-mediated liver diseases, and obesity-associated sequelae including non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases. Graduate students and post-doctoral fellows are defining mechanisms driving these processes. Our research capitalizes on our expertise in numerous fields, including hepatology, hematology, investigative pathology and toxicology and the involvement of coagulation factors in liver pathology driven by drugs and environmental chemical exposures is embedded within our central research theme.