CVM entrance

Food and Drink Policy

  • Food and drink may only be consumed in designated eating areas in the CVM complex
  • Food and drink for human consumption must be stored in refrigerators labeled for that purpose
  • Hand washing is required after handling animals or animal specimens
  • Animals are not allowed in designated eating areas
  • Clothing and footwear soiled by contact with animals and animal waste are not allowed in designated eating areas. Soiled clothing or footwear must be removed or completely covered in eating areas

Personal Pets in the College of Veterinary Medicine

  • Personal pets cannot be kept in offices, laboratories, or classrooms
  • Personal pets brought to the VMC for medical care, participation in clinical trials, faculty-sponsored events, or to donate blood must remain at the VMC
  • Personal pets are not allowed to walk or run free off-leash/lead on MSU property

Email Policy

  • Only email messages approved by the Dean’s Office will be distributed to all users
  • Email must not be used for personal profit, non-profit, or mass mailing purposes
  • Email must not be used to harass, offend, or intimidate other users
  • Email users should not read other’s mail or send mail under the identity of another user

Student Center Policy

The purpose of the College's Student Center is to provide space for students to relax, visit, study or take a break from studying without having to leave the veterinary complex.

  • Key card access to the Student Center will be given to members of veterinary and veterinary technology classes
  • Under no circumstances are animals allowed in the Student Center
  • The space does not allow for club or class meetings. Group meetings with more than 8 people should be held in rooms A213, G150, or A174.
  • Room reservations for the small meeting rooms will be posted on the white boards on each room's door. Use of the game room, lounge area, plasma screen TV and café will be on a first-come, first-serve basis
  • Students may not leave food or drink containers in the café, study rooms, game room or the lounge area. Each student is responsible for cleaning up any food or beverage they may have spilled

Questions or concerns about use of the Student Center should be directed to class presidents; they will bring issues to the Student Advisory Council.

Locker Policy

  • Students are responsible for purchasing their own lock. Key locks are recommended
  • Photographs, stickers, magnets, and artwork are only allowed on the inside of the lockers

Student Mailbox Policy

  • Mailboxes must be used strictly for academic and professional services
  • Do not attach anything to mailboxes
  • Do not stack materials on top of the mailboxes or on the floor below them

APSS Fax and Copier Policy

  • Student should use Kinkos or Owen Graduate Hall for copying or faxing
  • Student Organizations may be allowed the use of the APSS fax or copy machine in room G155.