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Congratulations! The MSU College of Veterinary Medicine is happy you have chosen to become a part of the Spartan family. This is a time of transition—you will be moving away from home, living with a roommate, meeting new people, and learning a new town. You may be experiencing many different feelings such as excitement, anxiety, worry, concern—all of these are normal.

Making a Successful Transition to MSU

There are many steps you can take to make your transition to MSU a successful one, starting with before you ever arrive on campus.

Before You Arrive

There are several summer programs you can take advantage of before arriving on campus in the fall. These programs will help provide you with a sense of community when you arrive on campus.

TRIO Student Support Services Program

TRIO Student Support Services Program

The TRIO SSS Program is for first-generation college students, those students whose parents have not completed undergraduate studies at a four-year university. The program also serves those who meet certain income criteria and students with documented disabilities. The program propels students at Michigan State University towards academic success and graduation.

MAGIC: MSU Summer Transitional Program

MAGIC: Maximizing Academic Growth in College Summer Transitional Program

A one-week experience for admitted incoming MSU students who have already completed their New Student Orientation. MAGIC gives students a chance to begin the process of becoming a successful Spartan during the summer, before classes begin in August.

First-Year Seminars at MSU

First-Year Seminars at MSU

First-year seminars introduce students to social and academic life at the University, providing a small-group experience to support students' transition.

First-Year Seminars Abroad

First-Year Seminars Abroad

These are an opportunity to explore intriguing topics in small, active learning environments outside of the United States.

After You Arrive

When you arrive on campus in the fall it may take time to find your footing and make MSU your home away from home. Don’t stress, use this time to explore; this is just the beginning of finding out who you are.

“Don’t be afraid to get to know your professors and go to office hours. Talk directly to the professor; they can definitely answer a lot of questions." — Ariana, PreVet student

Be open to new experiences. College is a time to explore new opportunities. Take advantage of the wealth of activities MSU offers. Even if you don’t think you will enjoy an event or activity, go anyway, you never know—you may love it.

It is important to create balance in your life. Take one day at a time. Find your special place on campus to relax, reflect, and decompress after a rough day. Create a life on campus that maintains your emotional and physical wellbeing.

Learn where to find your resources for not only academic success but also for fun activities. Often your best resource will be a person—your advisor, a professor, or the residence hall assistant or director.

Tips for Being Organized and Academically Successful

Keeping organized is key to success as a college student. These are tips from current preveterinary students about how to stay organized:

  • Rewrite notes
  • Review notes on a regular basis
  • Stay active
  • Join clubs
  • Explore campus
  • Keep your mind active as well as your body
  • Stay busy; this helps to stay focused
  • Get to know people, even upper-classmen

Remember you are not alone. Other new students are feeling the same way. Take time to find your niche, meet new friends while keeping your old friends. Have a plan to manage any problems that may arise.

Review the information on these pages, including the many resources available to you. If you need help, you can always reach out to your academic advisors.

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