The Equine Comparative Orthopedic Rehabilitation and Endocrinology Laboratory researches metabolic syndrome including testing, pathophysiology, and management; osteoarthritis including pathophysiology and treatment; equine rehabilitation including targeted therapies for diseases and critical evaluation of new modalities; and teaching pedagogy including the use of 3D virtual and printed models as relating to clinical skills and concepts, assessment, and active learning strategies.

Jane Manfredi, DVM, MS, PhD, DACVS-LA, DACVSMR, is PI of the ENCORE Laboratory. Her current investigations focus on nutritional supplementation to improve insulin regulation and adipokine balance in horses with insulin dysregulation, alternatives to formalin storage of anatomy specimens, and assessment of anatomy retention between the College's new and old DVM curriculum.


Mentoring students is a priority in the lab, with veterinary students presenting their research at many national and international conferences.

Current Students:

Brooke Boger, Jessica Hynes, Katelyn Schade, Kelly Clancy, Siana Stanton (Best DVM Student Speaker at MSU’s Phi Zeta Day), Haily Marescu, Shelby Vollmer

Past Students: Emma Stapley (Best DVM Student Speaker at MSU’s Phi Zeta Day), Reanna Cantrall, Brady Stutzman (Second-place equine research abstract at the ACVSMR track at ACVS), Haley Abbott, Antonia Langfeldt (Best DVM Student Speaker at MSU’s Phi Zeta Day), Kaitlyn Bailey (Best DVM Student Speaker at MSU’s Phi Zeta Day), Joanna Acosta