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“Without BRUSH, many of the opportunities that I have been offered and accomplished would not be possible on my own, and new doors have opened for me because of this.” Philip, 2020 cohort

“I actually completed my first research experience and I couldn’t be more grateful. I was able to do research, write about it, and present my research in front of people which gave me a lot of useful skills that I can use for the rest of my life.” Bryson, 2020 cohort

“My time during the internship has been extremely rewarding and beneficial. I was elated that despite not being in person, there were people who were more than willing to assist me, no questions asked. The world is big place and there are people who are eager to see me succeed.” Monique, 2020 cohort

Diversity in Animal Science: My Summer Internship Experience

by Sarah Lucas

“I received tremendous support from the BRUSH cohort and my mentors.” Alyssa 2020 cohort

“Being able to participate in BRUSH really helped me believe that I do belong in the science community, this is something I enjoy doing and want to do as a career.” Jade, 2019 cohort

“Of all my experiences I have had since beginning college, this one has been one of the most influential to my future career goals, yet challenging to my intellect, but in a very positive way. I have gained new levels of knowledge, skills and relationships that will benefit me for the rest of my career.” Jessica, 2013 cohort

“My data are going places!” Amari, 2019 cohort

“This Summer Research Program was particularly special because I didn't just get to perform and present research, but I also was able to make money, memories and lifelong friends.” Chantelle, 2014 cohort

“My mentor always has a solution for every problem that we have, I know that when something does not work we change the route not the goal.” Terry, 2018 cohort

Student In Lab1

“My faculty mentor gave me lots of responsibilities. Other undergraduates I have known who worked in labs only did jobs like cleaning dishes or processing samples; I got to do work with much more responsibility, it was real research.” Eric, 2011 cohort

“It was a great experience to be able to not only present my research and what I worked on for this summer, but also to learn about other people’s research and what they’ve been working on. I also met a lot of cool people from all over and made a lot of new connections.” Mike, 2018 cohort

“I learned what it is like to be in a research community. Research is more social than portrayed in the media. I really formed a bond with the lab members.” Lindsey, 2012 cohort

Student In Lab2

“I learned a lot this whole summer about what I like and what I don’t like and kind of what path I want to do in the future. I really enjoyed this program and everything that came with it. I learned a lot from all my mentors in the lab as well as the other students in the program. I think we all complement each other really well.” Jade, 2018 cohort

“Thank you for the opportunity and experience this summer, I truly got to learn life-long lessons and make what may be life-long relationships.” Evan, 2014 cohort

Maisah Akram

“I had a spectacular summer that was better than anything I could have ever imagined. I have grown so much as a scientist and a person and am so grateful to everyone, from the other members of the Neubig lab to the other members of the BRUSH cohort, who had a hand in cultivating who I am today.” Maisah 2019 cohort

“Professors at the conference we attended were handing me their business cards, trying to recruit me to their graduate programs. That was cool.” Eric, 2011 cohort

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“My professor at (my home institution) was truly amazed by my work and said that I was a totally different student and that he was going to point out to the rest of the graduate students that my presentation was the perfect example of how a presentation should be done.” Barbara, 2013 cohort

“My project is really refreshing and interesting. I like the creative process.” Joe, 2018 cohort

“I generated a lot of data this summer which I am very proud of, so it is a fun challenge to decide what I want/need to share with everyone else (in my presentations). I have a lot to talk about.” Cassidy, 2018 cohort

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“I appreciated the faculty mentors working closely with the students; that was well balanced with time to work independently.” Courtney, 2011 cohort

“Just because someone says something does not make it true; it is up to me as a scientist myself to be able to rationalize things that are being said.” Donte, 2018 cohort

Marlin Mc Knight

“My mentor helped me so much with learning new techniques and thinking differently about science. I can confidently say that I have grown as a young scientist and will definitely want to pursue more research in whatever career path I choose to take in the future.” Yan 2019 cohort

“Sometimes the results are not what you expect, however looking at it from different angles and perspectives can help you see why it may have occurred.” Jaquia, 2018 cohort

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“Some people have the perspective that research is boring, but I got to do all sorts of things.” Marvin, 2011 cohort

“Presenting my research showed me how well data and dining prepared me for it. Going to other people’s presentations gave me a greater appreciation for veterinary medicine. The conference in Ohio was both fun and productive. This summer was great!” Deja, 2016 cohort

“The summer research program opened professional opportunities for me, it really got me into a network of people.” Lindsey, 2011 cohort

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“I was not really sure what direction I wanted to go in with my future at the beginning of last summer. By participating in your program this summer and being exposed to research and understanding the importance of it, I really started to drift towards looking into careers in the biomedical sciences. I just did not know where or how to start that process of finding out how I could do that… I am now proud to say that I am aiming to attend grad school with a goal to obtain a PhD in the biomedical sciences.” David, 2015 cohort

Lab Pose 1 Student Romel 2017

“I presented our data at ABRCMS. The conference was an absolute success and there were abundant networking and learning opportunities. There were over 2000 undergraduate attendees and presenters from around the country… I received one of the 3 poster presentation awards given to junior undergraduates within the physiology/toxicology category. I am sincerely appreciative of how you all have molded me into a competitive undergraduate researcher who has now been recognized on the ABRCMS platform.” Kaylin, 2015 cohort

“I have learned that successful research is not always about getting the expected results. It is okay if your experiment refutes your hypothesis.” Danielle, 2016 cohort