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Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction

The College of Veterinary Medicine’s Admissions, Student Life, and Inclusivity (ASI) Office with the support from the King-Chavez-Park (KCP) program offers supplemental and walk-in tutorial services for your math and science courses. Supplemental instruction is a one-hour focused session with lesson plans for specific courses. Visit our Aspiring Veterinary Professionals D2L community page for Supplemental Instruction video recordings and walk-in tutoring hours.

How to Schedule a Tutoring Appointment
  • - Visit
  • - Log in with your NetID and password
  • - Select Academic Progress
  • - Select Advising/Tutoring Appointments
  • - Create a New Appointment
  • - Fill out the New Appointment section details:
    • - Category: select Tutoring
    • - Advising/Tutoring Unit: select Veterinary Medicine Tutoring
    • - Appointment Reason: Click on the magnifying glass icon and select the course for which you need tutoring support
    • - Appointment Duration: Select an available time duration for your appointment
    • - Additional Information: Enter more details to assist the tutor with preparing for the appointment
    • - Appointment Type: select Zoom (this is the best format for tutoring appointments)
  • - Once all information has been entered, click Select Tutor.
    • - View the Tutor name and Location
    • - Click the Time Selected drop-down menu to view available times
    • - Click Select Time to confirm the appointment
  • - You will be returned to the New Appointment screen, where you can review any notes from the advisor/tutor and confirm the appointment.
  • - Click Book It!

Help Rooms

There are many departments that offer help rooms (free tutoring) for many of the courses and subjects that you are studying each semester. These help rooms are very valuable for when you’re struggling with course content. Below is the list of departments that currently provide academic help rooms. Click on the subject to find out more about where the help rooms are located and the times they are open.

TRIO Student Support Services

TRIO provides preparation, orientation, and academic support for first-generation students, students from low-income backgrounds, and students with disabilities. These services provide support for students outside the classroom while encouraging success in the classroom.