Shaping a Healthier Future Through Pregnancy Research

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Our research interests lie in comparative pregnancy physiology and developmental origins of health and disease. Our core objective is to unravel how an adverse intrauterine environment, particularly due to maternal obesity and hypertension, may result in sustained reproductive and cardiometabolic disorders in the affected offspring. Inspired by the One Health concept; which highlights the intricate interplay between animal, human and environmental well-being; our lab employs the mouse, the rat, and the dog as animal models to foster scientific advancements in both veterinary and human medicine.

Current Investigations

Canine Research: The role of obesity on maternal and offspring reproductive and cardiometabolic disease.

Human Translational Research: The role of sex steroid hormones on the intergenerational inheritance of female obesity and preeclampsia, a hypertensive disorder of human pregnancies with devastating short- and long-term consequences for both mothers and babies.

Recent Publications

Gomes et. al, 2024. Estrogen and Progesterone Receptors Are Dysregulated at the BPH/5 Mouse Preeclamptic-Like Maternal-Fetal Interface. Link: