This is a summary of information. For full details, please visit the Office of International Students and Scholars.

H-1B Visa

  • Definition: Status is for an alien coming temporarily to US to be full-time employed for specialty occupation. The status is reserved for those “who possess high education, technical training, specialized experience, or exceptional ability.”
  • Time Limit: Initial application maximum three years; extensions for three additional years can be requested but may not exceed more than six years in total
  • Departmental Fees: Initial Petitions: $825; Extensions: $325
    *Optional Premium Processing: $1225
  • Processing Time: 3.5 months

*If the department dismisses the employee before the end of the authorized period, the department is responsible for paying reasonable costs of return transportation to last place of foreign residence.

J-1 Scholar

Three types: scholars, students, and student interns

  • Departmental Fees: $180/application
  • Processing Time: Three months
  • J-1 Scholars are defined as academic visitors who conduct research, consult, or collaborate on academic projects. Scholars may be funded by MSU, by a foreign institution or government, the scholar themselves, or any other outside entity.
    • Short-Term Scholar: for academic visits of six months or less
    • Research Scholar or Professor: for academic visits of six months or more (max five years)
      • Research Scholars primarily conduct research
      • Professors primarily teach
  • J-1 Students are defined as academic visitors who enroll for full-time classes at the university. J-1 Students must either have 51% or more of their funding coming from an outside source (i.e. not the student or student's family) OR must be enrolling at MSU under the auspices of an exchange agreement between MSU and a foreign institution, government, or NGO.
  • J-1 Student Interns are defined as academic visitors who are conducting an internship at MSU to complete a requirement for their ongoing degree program at a foreign college/university. Student Interns may be funded by MSU, by a foreign institution or government, the student intern themselves, or any other outside entity.
Minimum Funding Requirements
  • ----
    Living Expenses Per Month
    Living ExpensesPer Year
  • Short–term Scholar
  • Scholar
  • Professor
  • Funding Requirements for Dependents
  • ----
    Living Expenses Per Year
  • Spouse (wife/husband)
  • Each child under 21

B Visitor & Visa Waiver

  • Definition: Allows tourist and business visitors’ entrance into the United States. A letter from the host faculty member’s department is required for the visitor’s entrance indicating the nature of the visit, timeline, and contact information for host. This letter should also indicate that this visit is not for employment and the visitor will not be paid a salary. All insurance will need to be provided by the visitor.

**Under this visa type, MSU is not liable for the visitor. If customs does not allow entrance, MSU cannot interfere or aid in the situation.

For more information please visit the Office for International Students and Scholars.