May 07, 2021 12:00 PM

ATTENTION, PLEASE SHARE WIDELY: beginning Wednesday, May 5, the MSU Small Animal Emergency Service will only be able to admit patients that our clinicians consider unstable or to have a life-threatening condition. Please visit the Hospital's website for more information:

The Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences

The Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences (LCS) is educating the next generation of veterinary professionals, conducting research that improves the lives of animals and humans, and providing the finest clinical services available.

Our diverse faculty focuses on areas ranging from dairy, food animal, and specialized equine services to intensive research and student training. They work closely with students pursuing DVM degrees, veterinarians in internship and residency programs, and MS and PhD students. Learning to better understand, diagnose, and treat disease takes place in some of the most advanced facilities and laboratories. Faculty and students work together to find new solutions and put them into practice for a better world.

LCS educational facilities include the Large Animal Clinic in the Veterinary Medical Center, where faculty members and students provide emergency care as well as diagnostics, medical and surgical treatment, and therapeutic services for horses, cattle and other ruminants, as well as other animals including zoo and wildlife.

LCS coordinates the Summer Food Systems Fellowship Program - a unique partnership between the College and industry partners, which ensures the supply of well-trained veterinarians to work within the food animal industry.

LCS is organized by three core research areas: preharvest food safety, inflammation and metabolic disorders, and equine sports medicine and rehabilitation.