Eri Gesell Square

Eri Gesell, President, Class of 2025
Hometown: Belleville, MI
Veterinary interests: Small animal medicine and soft tissue surgery
Hobbies: horseback riding, baking, art, hiking, tennis
Current pets: Rya (dog), Ilsa (cat), Speedy (cat), and Priscilla (cat) – all rescues :)
Why I am on SAVMA Eboard: I wanted to get involved and make a difference in the student life here at MSU. I love being able to connect and network with other SAVMA presidents all over the country to collaborate on ways to improve wellness and inter-collegiate networking.

Travis Boling Square

Travis Boling, President Elect, Class of 2026
Hometown: Lansing, MI
Veterinary interests: Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care, Cardiology
Hobbies: Cooking/ baking, gaming, streaming movies and shows, and traveling
Current pets: None
Why I am on SAVMA Eboard: My love for advocacy work initially drew me to this position. My goal in anything in life is to leave something better than I found it. This is no different. I want to make a positive impact on this college for many generations after me, and I know that I can accomplish that through my position.

Lynsie Taylor Square

Lynsie Taylor, Jr. Delegate, Class of 2026
Hometown: Jasper, AL
Veterinary interests: Laboratory animal, mixed animal, or equine internal medicine Hobbies: streaming on Twitch, gaming, reading, educating
Current pets: Sandy (dog), Resi (one-eyed kitty), Ali (cat), Two-Tone (horse)
Why I am on SAVMA Eboard: I love to be involved and want to be able to better serve my peers as an advocate. Additionally, I was drawn to the idea of being able to participate in grant writing for projects/topics that I am passionate about. By being in this position, I can help educate others on the various topics my committee focuses on while having an active role in making a difference.

Tran Tina Dvmco2025

Tina Tran, Senior Delegate, Class of 2025
Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah
Veterinary interests: Small animal general practice, integrative medicine, and academia
Hobbies: Exploring new foods, playing video games with my friends, and playing my piano or ukulele
Current pets: Lilah, our family chihuahua papillon!
Why I am on SAVMA Eboard: Serving as SAVMA's Sr. Delegate will be a great way to connect with my veterinary community and advocate for fellow student veterinarians. SAVMA offers me the skills those opportunities to do so, as well as help me grow as a leader and future veterinarian!

Katrina Beaton, IVSA Representative

Meg Oesterling, Treasurer Elect, Class of 2026
Hometown: Livonia, MI
Veterinary interests: Cardiology, wildlife medicine, toxicology
Hobbies: Kayaking, hiking, D&D
Current pets: Logan (Dogue de Bordeaux), Bruce (mixed breed), Ororo (cat)

Vasia Murphy Square

Vasia Murphy, Treasurer, Class of 2025
Hometown: Dracut, Massachusetts
Veterinary interests: Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care, Small Animal/Exotics General Practice, Large Animal Emergency and Critical Care, Anesthesiology
Hobbies: hiking, cooking/baking, reading, playing fetch with my dog, teaching my dog new tricks, boating/jet skiing
Current pets: Atticus (Domestic Long Hair) and Leo (Certified Mutt)
Why I am on SAVMA Eboard: I had the opportunity to meet incredible members of other SAVMA groups over the summer at a leadership workshop and I was inspired to make more of an impact in the veterinary world. I wanted the chance to inspire others and initiate change where I could!

Kayla Gilstorff Square

Kayla Gilstorff, Secretary, Class of 2025
Hometown: Belleville, MI
Veterinary interests: large exotics and surgery specialty
Hobbies: swimming, hiking, reading
Current pets: Kuzco (cat), Luci (cat), Vinny (cat), Wanda (chinchilla)
Why I am on SAVMA Eboard: I wanted to be a part of eboard to enhance my involvement with SAVMA. Using my organization and note-taking skills, I hope to keep members up to date and informed on everything happening with the club.

Krystal Keuler Square

Krystal Keuler, Jr. Membership Chair, Class of 2026
Hometown: Brookfield, WI
Veterinary interests: Veterinary Epidemiology, Public Health, Wildlife and Zoo Medicine, Anesthesiology Hobbies: Reading, Tabletop Role Playing Games, Video Games, Sketching, Historical European Martial Arts, Scuba Diving
Current pets: Zed (cat), Lilly (cat)
Why I am on SAVMA Eboard: I wanted to get involved and start networking with my colleagues, and as membership chair, I can help my fellow students navigate all the benefits that SAVMA has to offer them.

Melchert Victoria Dvmco2025

Victoria Melchert, Sr. Membership Chair, Class of 2025
Hometown: Howell, MI
Veterinary interests: I love companion animals and companion exotics so I would love to work with those species. I also love soft tissue surgery so I wouldn't mind doing some surgery and some general practice.
Hobbies: I like to do many "creative" things in my free time to balance how much I do science in school. This includes any types of drawing or painting, playing one of my instruments, singing, and cooking/baking. I enjoy playing games and traveling and I hope to expose myself to more cultures and experiences in my life.
Current pets: I have 3 cats named Salem, Merlin, and Piper; 2 dog named Aela and Copper; 2 gerbils named Atlas and Apollo; and a snake named Starburst
Why I am on SAVMA Eboard: I like to get to know people in our field and would love to help guide the incoming classes as they navigate their first years in school. I also wanted to be more involved in some extracurriculars like SAVMA outside of class for the community and the opportunities SAVMA gives its members.

Mikayla Casolari Square

Mikayla Casolari, Speaker Chair, Class of 2026
Hometown: Waterford, MI
Veterinary interests: Pathology, Epidemiology, Vaccine Development, and Public Health
Hobbies: DND (Dungeons and Dragons), reading, and camping
Current pets: My siamese ragdoll mix named Luna
Why I am on SAVMA Eboard: I wanted to be in charge of choosing interesting meeting topics and dates so I could encourage more people to come and see what we’re about and what SAVMA has to offer.

Makayla La Gro Square

Makayla La Gro, Sr. Community Outreach, Class of 2026
Hometown: Battle Creek, MI
Veterinary interests: Small animal, lab animal, and poultry
Hobbies: Dancing, reading, educating
Current pets: Rufus (cat)
Why I am on SAVMA Eboard: I joined Eboard to have a better connection and reach to MSU’s undergraduate population and surrounding community. With a passion for education and getting students involved, I knew that this position was for me.

Grace Hearth, Jr. Merchandise, Class of 2026
Hometown: Cadillac Michigan
Veterinary interests: Mixed Animal/exotics
Hobbies: Playing guitar, baking, working out
Current pets: A black lab and two cats
Why I am on SAVMA Eboard: I love the idea of being a part of something bigger and being able to make an impact there.

Sophia Kesler, Sr. Merchandise, Class of 2025
Hometown: Richmond MI
Veterinary interests: Cardiology
Hobbies: Reading, watching Netflix, and playing soccer
Current pets: A cat named Bug!
Why I am on SAVMA Eboard: I’m on the SAVMA E-board because I wanted to fully immerse myself in the activities veterinary school gives me access to, especially clubs. I chose to involve myself more with SAVMA because I believe it provides many opportunities for me as a new vet student. I’m very excited to see what the future holds with this position!

Lindsey Kylee Dvmco2025

Kylee Lindsey, Activities Chair, Class of 2025
Hometown: Columbus, IN
Veterinary interests: Zoo/wildlife med and repro!
Hobbies: Reading, crafts, hiking, and travel!
Current pets: Elizabeth a mastiff, Artemis my kitten, Edward my betta fish
Why I am on SAVMA Eboard: I want to be able to help us all do amazing things!

Shaina Furman, Environmental Wellness Chair

Christina Eliades Square

Christina Eliades, Fundraising Chair, Class of 2026
Hometown: Wayne, NJ
Veterinary interests: Exotic Companion Animal Medicine
Hobbies: Music, theatre, skiing, baking, and camp!
Current pets: A two-year-old Russian Blue cat named Comet
Why I am on SAVMA Eboard: I love to learn new skills and gain more leadership experience in a different environment than I am used to.

Fiona Yeung, Wellness Chair, Class of 2025
Hometown: Mt. Laurel, NJ
Veterinary interests: mall animal, exotics, and wildlife medicine
Hobbies: In my free time I enjoy hiking, kayaking, painting, baking, and spending time with friends and family
Current pets: N/a
Why I am on SAVMA Eboard: I want to offer support to my fellow colleagues and classmates, as well as encourage a healthy overall well-being through awareness of mental health and physical health. Being an advocate for wellness, mental health, and well-being has been one of my passions and it is something that is often overlooked in veterinary medicine. I am looking forward to working with everyone as the SAVMA Wellness Chair and hope to promote healthy well-being for all in the College!