International Programs Map

Our International Programs' Mission

To build an exchange of intellectual and practical discovery that generates new knowledge and therapeutic interventions. This effort will create opportunities for students, faculty, and professionals to lead global health efforts, fight emerging diseases, advocate for public health, and stop disease-driven economic devastation. In this effort, we are training the next generation of world health champions.

The MSU College of Veterinary Medicine's International Programs help fulfill two of the College’s strategic goals:

  • The College is recognized as a global leader in veterinary health education through a cost-effective, learner-centered education for career-ready, high-value graduates, and
  • The College generates new knowledge that will advance health and well-being of animals and humans. These programs strengthen and add focus to international engagement in global human and animal health through research, education, and other collaborative efforts.

Our programs enable students, professionals, and faculty members from MSU to provide information and to learn from partners across the globe. Students and faculty members will have opportunities to improve their understanding and context for the distinction between public good and private good animal health endeavors and the government system in which they will be working. This will provide them an understanding of how best to contribute in their international setting. Faculty opportunities focus on research and transdisciplinary collaborations. Scientists and public policy employees have opportunities to work with domestic and international companies and organizations.