How do I know which courses at my institution will fulfill the prerequisite requirements for the MSU DVM program?

Michigan institution course equivalency guides are available on our website, located here.

For non-Michigan institutions, contact MSU College of Veterinary Medicine's Admissions at to request course equivalency guides.

Do classes taken during the summer of application count towards the last 3 semester GPA?

Only courses with posted grades will be counted toward the GPA calculation.

How can I improve my GPA if I have graduated?

The only way to improve your GPA is by taking additional courses.

How are repeat prerequisite courses calculated? Are the courses averaged?

The highest grade posted for the prerequisite course is used for the GPA calculation. The lower grade is not used in the calculation.

Will courses taken online, at community college, or multiple institutions hinder my application?

No, courses taken at any accredited college or university are accepted. Taking classes at multiple colleges, online, and at community colleges does not hinder individuals in the application. We also accept online labs.

Are graduate courses used toward the science GPA calculation?

Graduate courses are not included in the science GPA calculations, unless those graduate courses fulfill our specific science prerequisites. Higher level coursework cannot be substituted for prerequisite courses.

Are graduate courses used for the last three semester GPA calculation?

Yes, two separate GPA calculations for science and last three semester, each 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, must be met. For graduate courses, the last three semesters GPA will be used for this calculation.

Are Advanced Placement (AP) credits accepted to fulfill prerequisites courses?

Yes. AP courses must be posted to the official transcript. If AP credits appear as a total, the applicant must contact their respective institution Registrar or an Academic Advisor for a signed memo listing the courses, and have that document sent as a PDF directly to College Admissions at The email must be from the Registrar or Academic Advisor. We cannot accept it from the student.

Is course load considered in the selection process?

No. Course load is not considered as part of the selection process.

Is the GRE required? Is the GRE considered?

No, the GRE is neither required nor considered in the DVM application process.

GRE requirements vary by institution. Applicants are advised to check admissions requirements for each institution to which they plan to apply.

What is the final admission decision based on?

Final selection is based on both the file review (essays, letters of recommendation, experiences, and background) and interviews.

How important is research experience to the non-academic review of applicants?

Research experience is one of the six categories that are looked at in the file review.

Is there an advantage to submitting the application early?

There is no advantage related to the selection process. It is strongly recommended to submit at least two weeks prior to the deadline.

Is it beneficial to have more than one letter of recommendation from a veterinarian?

No, it is not. Three total recommendation letters are required including one from a licensed veterinarian. Recommendations should speak to the applicants’ attributes and development for academic and/or non-academic experience.

Once academic requirements are met, what does the College value most in the selection process?

Once academic requirements are met, applications move into a file review stage. We look at essays, letters of recommendation, and experiences.

Does it matter if applicants have more experience with small animals vs. large animal, exotics, etc.?

No, it does not matter. All experiences should be included, animal and non-animal, providing why the experience was important to you and how it helped you grow professionally and/or personally. Experiences are considered for depth and/or breadth.

What can I do if I do not get into veterinary school in the current cycle?

The Admissions team provides re-applicant workshop opportunities via Zoom. It is recommended to continue to gain experiences for growth during the application cycle.

Is it possible to gain in-state residency if I attend the MSU College of Veterinary Medicine?

It is very difficult to gain in-state residency once you are admitted to the College. Please check with the MSU Office of the Registrar for specific inquiries.

On the application, what does the “why” mean when referring to experiences?

"Why" means that we would like to know what applicants learned, why they completed the experience they did, and what the experience means to them. What an individual gets out of an experience is what makes it unique and gives a us a full picture of that applicant’s story.